Identify the same user across devices

Most of us use multiple devices to access the same online product or service. For example -We might browse products on an ecommerce site using their mobile app, but then make the purchase when we’re using a laptop .

Most sites struggle to identify the same user across multiple devices and end up treating them as multiple users.

Presenting Unified User Profiles - Easily identify the same user across multiple devices and see the entire consolidated user history in one convenient place.

With Unified User Profiles, you can now finally discover how users are actually using multiple devices to access your product or service.

WizRocket stores user’s demographic data (gender, age, education, location), app and site interactions, campaign visits and transaction history to give you a complete picture for every user.

WizRocket integrates with your website via JavaScript and has SDKs for every major mobile platform. Getting started just takes a few minutes. Interested? Sign up here –


Top of the world feeling – customer love

It’s a top of the world feeling when your customers love you back.

We’re very passionate about making our customers succeed and we work closely with them to make it happen irrespective of late hours or weekends.

We don’t have a customer success team, or a evangelist. All of us here, at WizRocket, interface directly with our customers building out features that they request, and giving them the support they need to give their users a kick-ass experience.

Today, one of our customers sent us a token of appreciation and it has made our day.


As they say, make your customers deeply love you and you’ll succeed.


The all-new Mobile Metrics dashboard is here

Presenting the all-new Mobile Metrics Dashboard. It is now easier to track your mobile app’s performance on both activity and revenue metrics. Here are the things that you get right out of the box -


Active Users: Daily Active Users (DAU), Weekly Active Users (WAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), and Sticky Quotient (DAU/MAU) .


Revenue: Daily Paying Users (DPU), Weekly Paying Users (WPU), Monthly Paying Users (MPU), Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU), Average Revenue Per Daily Paying User (ARPDPU), Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU), and Total Revenue in a given time period.


Retention: Daily retention (includes 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day retention) and weekly retention (includes 1-week, 3-week, and 7-week retention).


Engagement: Daily engagement (includes 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day engagement) and weekly engagement (includes 1-week, 3-week, and 7-week engagement).


Conversion: Daily conversion (includes 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day conversion) and weekly conversion (includes 1-week, 3-week, and 7-week conversion).


Get all your mobile metrics in one place
All your mobile metrics in one convenient place

Integrating WizRocket SDK just takes a few minutes and starts providing immediate value.

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ps – we had launched the mobile dashboard last week, however based on early feedback we went back to the drawing board to completely redesign it. That’s what startups do – they iterate fast based on feedback :-)


What’s trending in your business?

We’re super excited to announce the launch of Trends – the most efficient way to discover hidden trends in your business.

Select a business event or a property and see how it trending over days, weeks or months. With our 1-click comparison, you can compare these trends across geographies, campaigns, traffic sources, devices and more. As compared to traditional reports, you’ll love these new interactive trends to slice through the data.

Daily purchase trend Trend split by device

WizRocket provides unlimited, comprehensive and blazingly fast user analytics for your mobile apps and websites. Since the analytics focuses on users instead of page-views, it allows you to create rule-based personalized interactions with users depending on their profile and actions. These interactions can reach users via mobile, web and email.

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Introducing – Dashboards

One of our goals at WizRocket has been to give our customers better business insights, and make data analysis easier for them. To that effect, we’re happy to announce the launch of a new feature – Dashboards. Along with the Realtime Dashboard which already shows user centric realtime traffic stats, we’ve added 5 more dashboards which provide a holistic view of what’s happening across your apps and website.

  1. Conversion Dashboard – shows user acquisition, engagement and conversion trends over time.
  2. Revenue Dashboard – shows total revenue, number of transactions, count of paying users and much more.
  3. Campaign Dashboard – shows campaign centric metrics on user acquisition, engagement, revenue, revenue per acquired user. This makes it easy to see your top performing campaigns and campaign sources in realtime.
  4. Mobile App Dashboard – shows DAU, MAU, Day-1 Engagement, Day-3 and Day-7 Retention, and other relevant metrics for mobile apps
  5. People Dashboard – shows rich profiles of users who are 1) newly acquired, 2) show engagement and 3) have become customers



WizRocket integration takes just a few minutes and starts providing value immediately.

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Status update – October 2014

Happy to announce that we now have mobile SDKs for Android and iOS platforms. Some customers have already updated and rolled out their apps with the new SDKs. So far, we’ve seen a 40-60 split between the mobile app and web traffic, with the mobile growing week over week.

We currently process about 350+ million events a month.Our peak incoming traffic was 18 million events in a single day, and we’re happy to report that our existing infra took on this surge without showing any signs of strain. The entire platform continued to perform well and real-time.

We’re still in private beta, and have on-boarded over 40 customers globally. Our customer mix today comprises of companies doing – e-commerce, travel planning, event ticketing, productivity apps and price comparison.

We’ve decided to roll out the beta program to the next set of customers, if you’re interested in leave your email address here –

All our HTTPS endpoints are now SHA-2

As custodians of customer data, we take security very seriously at WizRocket. We keep an eye out for security issues and take proactive actions.

As you may have recently read, SHA-1 is dangerously weak. Its replacement, SHA-2, is strong and is widely supported today.

Following Google’s announcement of sunsetting HTTPS certificates that use SHA-1, we got to work. As of a week ago, all our HTTPS endpoints and certificate chains have been updated to SHA-2.

Since almost all our customers use HTTPS on their sites and apps, we wanted to ensure that they sleep peacefully at night.

We recommend upgrading to SHA-2 certificates for anyone using HTTPS. is a quick way to identify if your site is using SHA-1